Our biggest tool in this life is our mind. It is also our greatest adversary. When our thoughts are not in check they can systematically destroy our happiness and leave us lost in a fog of self doubt. By learning to train our mind to work with us rather than against us, we can experience greater joy and emotional stability. Through employing techniques like meditation, we can steadily program our thoughts to become less erratic and more supportive.


The Intentional Reality Kit is a monthly package which aims to guide its users into adapting a more grounded and mindful lifestyle. The Kit will inspire users to create and  reinforce a sustainable mindset. 


The trouble with meditation is like any new habit, it is difficult to practice with consistency. When you sign up for The Kit, you will receive daily emails with reminders to meditate. Each kit will contain a guided meditation coupled with a soothing visual journey, monthly mantra, topic of contemplation, as well as quotes from the masters. 


Each month’s guided meditation will have a specific focus, the ultimate goal to strengthen one’s personal connection to the infinite and tap into the voice that speaks from a place of peace. 


Rather than attempting to submerge the user in “Spirituality,” The Kit will simply provide routes on how to be more mindful and live with intention. It is approachable for both the seasoned meditation practitioner and the skeptical newbie. All are invited to try for just one month, or sign up for a subscription to keep the good times rolling.